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Our software is broken down into six modules, which may be used separately or in combination depending on what is needed.
Would you like to have a visual impression of the modules? Visit our website: Haufe-umantis AG

Applicant management module

Modul bewerbermanagement.png
The hiring of top candidates starts with the recruiting process. Umantis applicant management provides the basis for efficient procedures and the integration of everyone involved. The request for approval, advertisement for a job and hiring - the intuitive software structure allows you to invest your time in establishing a personal contact with your applicants and securing your future economic success.

An overview of the applicant management:

  • Applicant overview: Management of the entire application process with the integration of everyone involved
  • Career portal: Vacancy notice on the website and interfaces to job platforms, questions relating to the specific job
  • New employee integration: Processes followed to bring new employees on board

Human resources development module

Modul personalentwicklung.png
Having the right employees is your best investment. Systematically recognize development and education needs. The evaluation of your employees strengths and professional skills focuses on advancement and long-term loyalty. Skill management allows you to create an evaluation for focused development of your employees. Being able to present your own skills to other employees forms both the basis for a transparent knowledge network but is also the key to the long-term success of your company.

An overview of the personal development module:

  • Employee evaluation meetings: Planning and holding meetings and the targeted development of your employees
  • Employee profile: Entry of skill and other competencies in an employee profile
  • Defining target values: Overview of achievement

Training management module

Modul lernmanagement.png
Generate successful learning for your employees and secure long-term success in doing so. Continuing education managers receive support in planning, targeted bidding and the holding of event with the training management module. Manage registrations, launch approval processes, inform participants or use evaluation surveys to evaluate learning success: The umantis training management module is intuitive, efficient and time saving.

The training management module also includes the following functions:

  • Manage events: Create events, define registration processes and professionally organize them.
  • Participant management: Process monitoring, registration management and waiting list management* Success evaluation: Evaluate the events and detect improvement potential

Goal setting module

Modul zielvereinbarung.png
Setting goals together with employees helps improve morale. Define specific tasks and draft the appropriate targets. Allow for 360° feedback, by having your employees evaluate one another. The direct feedback increases employee performance. The overview of the goal attainment makes it possible to take appropriate measures. The umantis goal setting guarantees a structured and transparent process.

The following functions are components of the module:

  • Setting goals: Drafting and delegating goals
  • Evaluating goals: Independent third-party evaluation of goal attainment
  • Interim outlook: Success monitoring and outlook for employees and superiors

Compensation module

Modul verguetung.png
A performance based distribution of wages and bonuses is fundamental to employee satisfaction. Simple and transparent payroll processing and budget monitoring form the basis of the compensation module. The integration of an intelligent billing scheme creates transparency across all departments while simplifying the integration of management in payroll and bonus rounds making it easier for you to create structured and fair compensation.

An overview of select functions in the payment module:

  • Performance pay systems: Fair wage and bonus calculations using formulas
  • Budgeting: Helps keep an overview of your budget
  • Transparency and evaluation: Provide process transparency for all participants and improve your compensation system with evaluations.

Successor planning module

Modul nachfolgeplanung.png
Successor planning provides advance planning for filling key positions. Prospective planning helps your both identify relevant expert and management positions and also fill them with qualified successors using your comparison. Estimation of potential and display of career paths for your employees can both be found in the successor planning.

Successor planning offers the following:

  • Define key positions: Fill key positions with high potential employees
  • Career planning: Plan the career of your employee and
  • Succession planning: Minimize the failure risk for a job with careful planning for new hires.
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