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Here you can see an overview of all the templates under Communication. In order to edit templates, click on the relevant template and select the pen icon Edit.gif, to configure the template to your needs.

Export templates, advertisement layouts and diagram templates are described on another page.

info.gif Note:
If you use Internet Explorer (IE) as your browser and display problems occur when calling up a template or a login screen appears, add the umantis URL as a secure page in IE:

  1. Click in IE on: Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted sites
  2. Click on Sites and enter the umantis URL there

Alternatively, the respective file can be stored locally first before opening.

E-mail templates

You will find the e-mail templates in your actual solution. Under "Communication" you will find the "Templates" tab. To view all the e-mail templates, select "E-mail" in the search for the template type in order to thus restrict the results. To create a new template, click Create e-mail template.

Error messages

  • Vorlage fehlerhaft (Template faulty)
Templates that show an error as a result of syntax errors during their use or the like during use are marked as "incorrect" and deactivated. If you open the respective template, the following error message appears:
Attention.gif Bitte überprüfen Sie die Vorlage. Bei der Verwendung dieser Vorlage sind Probleme aufgetreten. (Please check the template. Problems have occurred using this template.)
Info.gif You can search in (filter) the view of all templates for "E-Mail (Fehlerhaft)". The template can then be reactivated using the "Vorlage geprüft und reaktivieren" action.

Letter templates

You will find the letter templates in the actual solution. As with the e-mail templates, you go to "Communication" and click the "Templates" tab, then select "Letter" in the search for the template type in order to only see the letter templates. All the letter templates are listed. You can create a letter template using the link of this name.

Certificate Templates

Certificate templates are also available under Communication > "Templates". You can filter "certificate" depending on the type of template to have all existing certificate templates displayed. Using the appropriate link in the "Actions" area, you can, whenever desired, Create a new template.

Print templates/print documents

A print template is a printable view of information. You will find the existing print templates under "Communication" > "Templates" if you filter the template type by "Print template". You can create a print template whenever you wish using the corresponding link. The lists below show the print templates that were originally loaded to all the solutions as default examples.

Default print templates in employee management



Standard print templates in applicant management




Common sources of error

There are several sources of error that can occur frequently and their solution is relatively simple.

Upon opening the created document, the umantis login screen appears

Solution: This error often appears in Internet Explorer. By adding the umantis URL as safe site (in Internet Explorer), this error can be avoided. Proceed as follows:
1. Click in Internet Explorer on Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted sites
2. Click on Sites and enter the umantis URL there
A further possibility: Save the file locally before opening it and then open it from the destination folder.

When using the print template, the error message "File empty" appears

Fig. 1: "File empty" error message

Solution: At least one variable in the document lacks the square brackets [], for this reason the file cannot be read properly.

The error message "File not found" appears

Fig. 2: "File not found" error message

Solution: Probably your original document is not in a valid format (should be .rtf) or it is a loop error.

Variable is not correctly filled / parsed

Solution: Check again whether the variable actually exists and is correctly written, whether it is used in proper context or whether there is a loop error. Check also whether the field is filled in the data record in the system.

Print template is not available in the relevant area in the selection

Solution: Check to make sure the access rights have been correctly processed under Communication > template > Select template . Check if they have been deactivated by mistake and whether the release for the area has been properly processed.