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Welcome to umantis Online Help
The umantis Online Help site now offers 606 articles that tell you everything you need to know about umantis Applicant Management and umantis Employee Management. The information presented here was compiled, written and published in German on the Online Help site by our documentation team, in close collaboration with umantis developers, consultants and users. Other language versions of umantis Online Help are simply translations of the German content that were added later, and were therefore not prepared by the same team. Send us your feedback any time to let us know where and how we can expand and improve our Online Help: Contact our documentation team.

Additional information:

Employee management

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New features
  • Optional send date for emails
  • Status changed in employee review meeting
  • Employee review meeting expanded
  • Upload documents for employee review meeting
  • Reminder email for expiring certificates
  • Information on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Change structured data and settings
  • View people with access to a position
  • Copy entire employee review meeting catalog
  • Dynamic validity periods for certificates

Info.gifFor more information, see: Major Update 2018

Applicant Management

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New features
  • Automated reminder for outstanding assessments
  • PDF compilation is always created
  • Optional send date for emails
  • Information on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Change language & time zone directly from the system navigation bar
  • Resend or forward email
  • Copy questions and criteria list when copying a job
  • Automatically forward applications to committees
  • Release or restrict multiple applications at once
  • Keep track of data release setting

Info.gifFor more information, see: Major Update 2018

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Webinars and training sessions

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Update calendar

Good to know
Major Update.gif Content that will be available with the second major update in 2018.
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Customer service

umantis support

  • For customers in Switzerland (toll-free):
Telephone: 0800 22 50 14
  • For customers in Germany (toll-free):
Telephone: 0800 7118 417
  • For customers in the United States:
Telephone: 1-855-MY-HAUFE
  • International:
Telephone: +41 71 224 0123
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