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The aim of the umantis online help Wiki is to provide all umantis users with the best possible help as they work with umantis solutions. It is to be expanded by the community of umantis developers, consultants and experienced users. So it is important, when editing and expanding the Wiki, that a few rules are complied with. These rules are listed below, followed by the most important guidelines on formatting and linking the pieces of text.

To be able to keep all of the Wiki's language versions in the same version, the Jonckers company translates all the non-German Wikis from the German version every couple of months. So it is only the German Wiki that is added to and changed by the community. You cannot edit any of the other Wikis yourself.

umantis online help Wiki basic principles

  • Be brave: Don't hesitate to edit these pages. If you see a mistake, correct it. If you have additional information, add it. umantis Product Management checks all the changes.
  • Be positive and constructive: Try to describe the circumstances as they are without adding any value to them. If you are not satisfied with a feature, formulate a proposal for improvement on the umantis ideas platform for applicant management or the umantis ideas platform for employee management.
  • Structure: In the structural linking of the Wiki pages, we try to reflect the basic navigation structure of the solutions as the minimum. We also work with categories that equate to the modules. You will find these at the bottom of every page.
  • Terminology: The umantis solutions can be configured very differently from the text displayed. If you can, try to use the original names of the functions. We have opted for a formal style of address and we often use the masculine form (though always implying too the feminine).

Structure text

A good structure is essential for the appearance and legibility of an article (a Wiki page). In principle, an article should begin with a brief presentation/definition of the title. Basic, simple material should go in the early part of the article. More complex contents should be placed further down in the article.

Sub-headers are particularly helpful, so should always be used in longer pieces of text. The headers should be brief and to-the-point, and not include links. The table below shows the main formats which are to be used in our umantis Wiki.

Description Wiki Code Output
Header 1 ==Title==


Header 2 ===Title===


Bold text '''Text''' Text
Italic text ''Text'' Text
Sorted list # Text
  1. Text 1
  2. Text 2
Unsorted list * Text
  • Text
  • Text

Info.gif For more on text formatting, see


For the issue of what should be linked meaningfully, Wikipedia provides ingenious guidelines that are also applicable to these pages: Given below are the main types of linking used in our umantis Wiki.

Description Wiki Code Output
Internal link:
If the page is not yet available (the link appears in red colour), the page is created and opened in Edit mode.
Otherwise the link is connected to the existing page.
[[Settings|Settings]] Settings
Internal link with a different name [[Settings|Internal link with a different name]] Internal link with a different name
Internal link with an anchor:
The link switches to a page at a particular location.
To do this, there must be a header at the target location.
[[Settings#Data protection rules|Settings#Data Protection Rules]] Settings#Data Protection Rules
External link
External link with a different name [ External link] External link

Info.gif For more technical information about linking options, see

Use files

First you need to upload the file. To do this, either click above the toolbox on "Upload file" in the relevant page or use this link Upload file.

There is a list of the files here:

You can upload the following file types:

  • Image files (.jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp)
  • Office files (.xls, .xlsx, .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx)
  • Text files (.pdf, .rtf)
  • Adobe Flash files (.swf)

To use the uploaded file you need (for image files) the Wiki function [[File:Example.jpg|Example.jpg]] or (for media files) [[Media:Example.xls|Example.xls]].


Tables should be used cautiously but wherever they are helpful. If necessary, the simplest thing is to copy the table below (in Edit mode).

Description HTML code
{| Start the table <table>
|- New table row <tr>
| New table cell <td>
|} End the table </table>

Info.gif For learning how you can format the table, see

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