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Vacancy notice (applicant management)

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umantis Applicant Management supports other options that allow a position to be published both externally as well as internally:

Internal job market

Publication platforms:

Further channels for vacancy notices:

Advertising plan

In the "Advertising plan" tab you can plan or schedule one or more advertisements for a specific job (see following section "Scheduled job advertisement").

Once you have clicked the "Plan next advertisement" link, the following settings are offered for the advertising plan:

  • Start advertisement
  • Terminate advertisement
  • Advertisement on platform
  • Comment

Scheduled job advertisement

You can precisely define when a job advertisement is to be published and subsequently withdrawn in a job's advertising plan. Please note that advertisements on job platforms can be withdrawn in accordance with the job platform setting after a specified duration. Separate settings can be applied for the Internal, Main job market, Branch job market and Job platforms channels. Thus, for example, a job can be advertised several times on one or more channels without manual coordination.

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