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Vacancy Notice (Employee Management)

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The vacancy notice offers the opportunity to place a job ad on the internal job market. The vacancy notice is associated with succession planning among other things and thus supports processes such as self-nomination for Succession planning. Thereby, occupied positions are advertised for the purpose of succession planning and staff may appoint themselves (apply) for the respective succession.

Internal Vacancy Notice

Before you advertise a job internally, details such as vacancy notice area and planning and the exact content must be defined. You also have the option to enter Vacancy notice questions which require a response from the applicant. After writing the vacancy notice text in the appropriate language, the contents must each be activated first before they can be published.

Info.gif Vacancy notice content must be enabled in at least one language, so as to allow publication in the internal area. If you write a vacancy notice in a different language and have already selected "Post vacancy notice" in the overview, the vacancy notice will be automatically published upon activation in the respective language.

Multilingual Job Market

If a job is advertised in different languages, an attempt is made to show the language version which is considered the best for the current user. First, it is tested whether a language version identical to the user language can be found. If this is not the case, the main language is used. Since for each job the respective optimum language version is chosen, there may be a multilingual job market, i. e. ads are shown in different languages.

Applicants Overview

Applicants overview shows all applicants who have applied for the (advertised) position. The overview offers you several options such as to contact the applicant, to assign him to an applicants pool, or to define him as potential successor. In addition, people can also be manually added to the applicants list. Clicking on the person opens the application details, allows to make an evaluation and to view the prior communication history.

Vacancy Notice Questions

Information about the different types of questions can be found under dynamic questions.

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