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Vacancies (applicant management)

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Here you will find all the jobs that have been created. If you are an administrator or HR expert you will see, depending on the restriction in your user settings, all the jobs in your company or your branch offices. When you click a job you go to the job profile.

Here, you also have the option to search for a job based on different criteria. Under expanded search, you can limit you search to include additional criteria with multiple selection fields. At this time, the following search fields are offered on the job market (internal and external) and multiple selection fields:

  • Education degrees
  • Division
  • Position
  • Work location
  • User defined list of jobs 2
  • User defined list of jobs 3

The job market is updated every 10 minutes, i.e. faster response times may be granted. Changes in the job market will therefore only be visible with delays of up to 10 minutes.

Set "Show only my jobs" as the default

If you only want to have your jobs displayed in overview, you can specify this using the link My standard search on the next page in the form. To do this, check the "My jobs only" box.

When searching for your jobs, you will only see those for which you have been entered as the responsible recruiter.

Tips and tricks

Info.gif In case of performance problems while loading the job market, reduce the display of the jobs overview via configuration mode (Adjust the table) to 10 lines.


Multiple actions

  • Excel export of the job list
  • Assign job/s to another branch
  • Evaluate time to hire in a chart (specifies how long it has taken to re-fill the respective job)
  • Archive/reactivate job
  • Delete job/s (only for administrator)

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