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Our software is broken down into three packages, which can be used as needed either separately or combined.

umantis Acquire

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umantis Acquire offers you the ability to present your company's appeal as an employer to the public. A tailored vacancy notice is the basic foundation for effective Employer Branding. Managing applications using different user profiles with different access rights provides the capability of a more efficient and professional process for applicants and the employer alike. With the evaluation options for applicant data and applicant surveys, as well as the ability to connect to a variety of interfaces, it always allows you to keep a clear overview of the details.

An overview of the different functions provided in umantis Acquire:

  • Applicant management: Manages the entire applicant process, including the integration of specialty departments and boards, communication with applicants, evaluations of applicant data, the ability to manage applications, and the ability to import and export applicant data
  • Career portal: Vacancy notice on the website and interfaces to job platforms, questions relating to the specific job
  • New employee integration: Processes followed to bring new employees on board

umantis Performance

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umantis Performance makes it possible to specifically target and advance your employees' strengths. Employees can define their own goals mutually with their supervisors and employee review meetings can be planned and executed with no effort whatsoever using umantis. Providing employee support and evaluating your employees performance supports not only your employees in the goal to advance themselves further successfully, but also helps with fair compensation decisions, The ability for the system to run on a network in an employee area supports a modern and future-driven corporate communication.

An overview of the different functions provided in umantis Performance:

  • Employee review meeting: Planning and executing meetings
  • Evaluation: Defining employee goals and competencies and evaluating the employee
  • Compensation: Performance-based compensation
  • Network: Communication within your company, import and export options for employee data

umantis Development

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umantis Development offers you a comprehensive analysis of your employees' competencies, making it easier to assign them to tasks and further their development based on their strengths. Continuous learning is supported by planning, publication and by holding events. With early and focused planning of successors, key positions can be filled in your company on-time and with only a minor loss of expertise. Employees can advance by giving them a clear picture of their future career paths that is tailored especially towards their skills.

An overview of the different functions provided in umantis Development:

  • Competencies: Comprehensive analysis of the employee's competencies and development/career planning
  • Learning: Professional event management with feedback options, vocational training and further development
  • Succession planning: Planning succession by identifying key positions and with candidate evaluations

Overview of the packages

The illustration below provides you with an overview of our three packages.
You can find additional information on our website.
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