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Third party evaluation

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Request evaluation by a third party (third-party assessment)

On the employee review meeting tab, the Overall assessment section includes the item Request evaluation by a third party among the actions. Select this option if you want to involve more people in the assessment.
You can now conduct a third-party assessment for all subareas of the employee review meeting.

  1. First, select the items (contents of the employee review meeting) that are to be evaluated by third parties.
  2. Then enter the email address(es) of the person(s) you would like to ask for a third-party assessment.
  3. Modify the email text if necessary, then click on Send.

Info.gif The persons invited to the third-party assessment can then access the evaluation form through the link in the email.

The third-party assessment can be initiated under an employee’s Employee review meeting or Performance and development tab. Navigate to the appropriate place in the solution via Employees > Employee directory > Select employee > Performance and development. Here you can either click “Request evaluation by a third party” in the action bar or “Add third-party assessor” in the third-party assessment overview.

After clicking “Request evaluation by a third party” or “Add third-party assessor”, the following overview is displayed:

  • Third-party assessor:
In this field, enter the person(s) to whom you want to send an invitation for a third-party assessment.
Info.gif Using configuration mode and the hide and display function, the administrator can define whether the third party assessors (cf. Fig. 1) should be:
  • external and internal persons (upper field is displayed)
  • only (active) employees (lower field is displayed)
Info.gif Note:The two fields should NEVER be displayed at the same time. The typeahead function is active for both fields, i.e. persons from the employee directory are displayed as suggestions as the user types.
Once you have specified the person, you can customize the message to the third party assessor (based on the template for system-emails) and can specify which contents are to be assessed. An assessment deadline and internal comments can be added as well.
Specified deadline for third-party assessments
When inviting a person to provide a third-party assessment, specifying an assessment deadline (field: Assessment by) is now considered mandatory. If you do not enter a date, a period of 4 weeks will be saved. If you do enter a date, note that it must lie no less than 3 days and no more than 90 days in the future.
  • I want to invite multiple third-party assessors at the same time
This action allows you to invite multiple third party assessors, but the emails cannot be customized for the individual third party assessors.
  • Select third party assessor: Click this action to specify multiple persons to be invited to the third-party assessment. As described above, this results in two fields, of which only one is shown or hidden in configuration mode (see note above).
Three checkboxes are available to make it easier for you to invite people by pooling a certain group of people together.
  • Checkboxes:
    • All of this manager’s direct subordinates
    • All employees of the same organizational unit
    • All other responsible persons
  • Invitation by email:
    • Email comment: Sent in addition to the default email (based on the system-emails)
    • The following contents should be assessed: Definition of the content to be evaluated and setting of the evaluation term. In addition, you can save an internal comment.

Once the third party assessors have been invited, they are listed in a table. The following icons are displayed for the table entries:

Reminder-Icon.JPG Send email again
Pen-Icon.JPG Edit assessable content
Rubbish-icon.JPG Delete assessment
Watching-Icon.JPG View assessments

Automatic email notifications

Email notification to assessors
People that you have invited to submit a third-party assessment will be reminded of their pending assessment with an automatic email. If they have not yet submitted their assessment, they will receive the first email three days before the deadline, and the second email one day before the specified assessment deadline. The invitation email is sent out in this case (“Request evaluation by a third party: Invitation to assessment”, code: SystemTemplate_Ask4ThirdAppraisalNew).

Note that this reminder email is only sent out if the third-party assessor has not yet submitted their assessment.

Email notification for anonymous third-party assessment
For anonymous third-party assessments, an automatic email notification is sent to the person being assessed after the assessment deadline has passed. This lets the person know that the third-party assessment round is complete.
Info.gif The new email template is located in the system emails (/Administration/SystemTemplates, code: SystemTemplate_AnoymThirdAppraisalReady). You can customize this email to fit your specific needs.

Anonymous third-party assessment

umantis allows you to conduct an anonymous third-party assessment. This process can be used e.g. if the company does not have an open feedback culture, and if there should therefore be no possibility of tracing assessments received from third parties.

Settings for third-party assessments

Info.gifThe settings for anonymous third-party assessments are found in the period settings for your umantis solution (/Administration/Periods/[ID]/Profile/Settings).

Among other settings, you will specify here which rules should apply for the third-party assessment in the employee review meeting:

  • Contents not individually selectable for subareas
  • Anonymous assessment for subareas
  • Minimum number of anonymous third-party assessors for subareas
  • Average of third-party assessments as manager assessment for subareas
  • Discarded result from number of assessments with non-anonymous assessment
  • Discarded result from number of assessments with anonymous assessment
  • Minimum number of third-party assessments to allow average to be displayed for non-anonymous assessment
  • Minimum number of third-party assessments to allow average to be displayed for anonymous assessment

See the following page for detailed information on the individual setting options: Period settings – Third-party assessment – Employee review meeting (ERM)

FAQs about third-party assessment

  • How much time do I have to submit an assessment?
A:An assessment can be made as long as the employee review meeting has not been completed or suspended, and the deadline for third-party assessments has not passed.
  • What if the employee review meeting has been completed for the period — can I still confirm something regarding the third-party assessment?
A:No, this is not possible. The employee review meeting is complete. If you follow the link, you will be forwarded to a page with a notification to that effect.
  • I want to modify my assessment – how do I do this?
A: Click the link in your invitation to the assessment. You can adjust your assessment as long as the employee performance interview has not been completed or suspended, and the deadline has not passed.

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