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Tasks / job tasks

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In Tasks / Job tasks, the general tasks of an employee in the company are recorded. Please do not confuse the tasks of the employee with his objectives.

You can create tasks / job tasks under the "Employee review meeting" tab.

Agreeing on tasks / job tasks

In order to agree on tasks / job tasks, please first click on the year for which you would like to agree on the tasks. There, under "Record new task", you can enter the tasks for the selected employee.

Give the task a name and fill in the description / criteria as a more detailed description. In addition, you can set a reminder via email to the employee (click on box). If you want this task to be invisible for the employee, please set the cross in the box "Not visible for employee". This may make sense if: We recommend to set the checkmark if:

If you would like to record other tasks, please set a checkmark in the box "Record other tasks" and click on "Save". The task is saved and you arrive in a new, empty task window. You can immediately enter another task using the same process as above.

If tasks or parts thereof remain the same, you have the option of copying contents of the tasks for other employees or those from past years by clicking on "Copy task from others or from the past".

Under Actions, select "Agree" as soon as you have finished creating them and want to freeze the development goals.

Evaluate tasks / job tasks

Using the link "Evaluate tasks", you can navigate to the view menu where you can evaluate each task separately based on a scale.
See also: Average calculations of employee evaluations and Overall evaluation.

Examples of tasks

  • Sprinter
    • Runs fast
    • Daily sprinting training
    • Healthy diet
    • Participation in competitions

  • Account Manager
    • Taking care of existing customers
    • Acquiring new customers
    • Escalation
    • Responding to emails and phone inquiries