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Succession module

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Successor planning allows you to plan future hirings and as such its purpose is to be a preventative instrument that promises the future success potential for the company. By showing the development capabilities of potential successors, future perspectives for the employees can be clearly illustrated and a qualified successor can also be ensured.


Key positions and potential talent
Skills and experience profiles
Assessment of potential
Exit risk estimation
Defining key positions
Creating email and letters
Templates and mass mailings
Communication history
Microsoft Outlook interface
Interactive reports
Graphic analyses
Excel exports
Combined filter options
Systematic successor planning
Search for suitable successors
Managing the successor process
Comparison target/actual profile
Targeted sponsoring of further development relating to future responsibilities
Measuring the success of the measure
Providing support in the process
Personal agent on the main page
Individual assistants
Task management
Interactive successor search
Systematic career planning
Planning the employee's career
Networks of potential talent
Interactive performance matrix
Potential analysis
Support of nomination rounds
Overview of careers and successors
Overview of key positions
Potential/risk traffic-light system
Internal vacancy notices/applications
Internal job market
Vacancy notice
Global and position-related applicant overview
Employee area: Overview of one's own applications

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