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Set up applicant management system

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An experienced umantis consultant will normally provide you with support when you are setting up the umantis applicant management system and the live introduction. This page provides an overview of the main steps and indicates what has to be set up.

22 point checklist for the Go Live

  1. What name will your eRecruiting solution be known by to applicants and employees? -> Name of the solution under Settings for company
  2. Which email sender address will be attached to emails generated by the system (e.g. when an employee orders a new password)? -> Sender email address under Settings for company
  3. How many branch offices does your company have? Which branch office is designated as the main branch office? (Default setting, cannot be changed!)
  4. Do all your recruiters work with the same communication templates, in the same CI and with permission to view all the applications? -> If not, you need to create one standard group per branch office and you then have to define all the templates and designs individually for each branch.
  5. Do you intend to integrate a media partner (Unio, Prospective, Publiconnect, broadbean) or a job platform for publishing jobs? -> Publish vacancy via job platforms
  6. How do you intend to integrate the job market into your homepage? -> After deciding on the type of integration (microsite or iframe) you or your Web designer can set up the relevant external appearance#Design
  7. Do you also intend to advertise vacancies on an internal job market? -> Activate internal job market if required Settings for company
  8. Which text blocks is your job advertisement made up of? -> Go to configuration mode in the form for a job's advertisement text and customize the fields as you wish, and define template texts for the advertisement in the branch office Data protection policy & job advert template
  9. What do you intend to display about a job in the job market, and which criteria do you want to be able to use for filtering jobs? -> Customize the job market in configuration mode and the values of the selection lists used
  10. Are job subscriptions to be activated? -> Set up job subscription & speculative application
  11. Are speculative applications to be permitted? -> Set up job subscription & speculative application
  12. Is the design of the solution for applicants also suitable for line managers? Is a single standard design sufficient for the external appearance? -> If not, you need to set up other designs and appropriately parametrize the links in emails to e.g. superiors.
  13. What should the data protection policy say? -> Data protection policy & job advert template
  14. What general information do you expect from applicants? -> Customize the application forms and the area for applicants using configuration mode
  15. Do the predefined application statuses match your process? -> Customize the relevant selection list
  16. How do you want to work together with the line? -> Customize the area for line managers so that the line sees what they are supposed to see and can give feedback as you wish
  17. Do you work with generic letter and email templates? -> You can create both email templates and letter templates in the Communication area, and you can find the system emails under the settings and under the branch office.
  18. Now run through the entire recruitment process a few times and make any final changes
  19. Create the user profiles for your colleagues and the first line manager
  20. Delete any test data (jobs, applications, users, templates)
  21. Advertise the first real vacancies
  22. Take the job market live
  23. Sit back and wait for the first online applications and keep communicating with your colleagues for the first few days

Setup assistants

On the first page of the settings you will find, on the left-hand side, five assistants which will guide you through the key pages in the setup.