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Remuneration module

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By 'remuneration', one means the performance-based distribution of salary increases and bonuses or similar variants (e.g. shares).

In employee management, the Remuneration module is fully integrated into the performance assessment within the employee review meeting and can calculate proposed values on budget and with great flexibility.

Multiple actions

  • Communication
    • Send e-mail(s) from template
    • Send e-mail(s) from template to superior (HR)
    • Send e-mail(s) with temporary template
    • Create letter(s) from template
  • Preparation of pay batch
    • Assign new calculation formula
    • Update calculation formula
    • Copy current basic salary data
  • Implement pay batch
    • Use pre-calculated values for bonus & salary increase
    • Revise bonus and pay in table (recommend max. 50)
    • Revise bonus and pay in table, process step 2 (recommend max. 50)
    • Revise bonus and pay in table, process step 3 (recommend max. 50)
  • Evaluation of pay batch
    • Display selection in bonus and salary graphic
  • Copy reminders from checklist
  • Create new standing out reminder for employee
  • Deactivate standing out reminder
  • Change Status
  • Create print view (ZIP archive)
  • Produce print view as employee document
  • Produce PDF as employee document
  • Add to existing poll
  • Add to new poll
  • Assign to an event

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