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In the Employee management, via the "Events" tab in main navigation, you first go to the overview page of all events. By clicking "Applications", you go directly to the overview of all event registrations:


Events   Registrations   Instructors   Resources

You have two different options to see registrations and participants of events:

When you click on registration, you can access the registration overview of a person; this contains application details such as details of the event itself, documents, registration questions and evaluation questions, details of the application approval and the assessment of the sustainability of measures. It is also home to the "Communication" tab, which shows the communication history with the participant.

You can configure the overview of the registrations to your personal needs by using the Configuration mode as the Administrator. In the event directory, people can register for an event themselves, if it has been posted for them.

Assign people to an event

There are two different ways you can add people to an event:

  • Access the menu item "Participants" via Events and then click on "Add participants"
  • Search for the employee concerned and select the multiple action "Assign to an event".

Those who have not been entered in umantis must first be entered before registering them.

Multiple actions

  • Change status
  • People have participated
  • People have paid
  • Export registrations to Excel
  • Export registrations to XML
  • Delete registrations
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