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Employee referrals are a helpful recruiting tool that effectively gets employees involved in a company’s recruiting process. Make use of your employees’ recruiting potential, and take advantage of their professional and private networks to connect with qualified candidates for your company. Umantis helps you in this process with a prepared interface for referral programs.

Use a referral program

Info.gif Using a referral program requires that you be registered with the corresponding provider (in this case, XING). Three exports, or the URLs to request them, are required from the umantis system (see below). In addition, the links in the application documents should be reviewed and modified if necessary.

Attention.gif Please note that Haufe-umantis AG only provides an interface to allow for use of a referral program. You are entering into a contractual relationship with the referral program provider (e.g. XING), and must therefore come to an agreement with that provider about any necessary exchange of data. Haufe-umantis AG has no influence or control over such exchanges of data. Please contact the referral program provider directly with any questions you may have.

Use XING referral program

XING ReferralManager automates and digitizes the referral process. Employees receive emails with the job postings that are relevant for their network. They also receive direct suggestions on which of their XING contacts are a good match for a given job. The employee can either directly recommend the job to a contact, or publish the job to a social network.

If one of the employee’s contacts clicks on the link to the job posting, they will go directly to the original job posting. If that person then applies for the job, they will be taken directly to umantis Applicant Management.

Tracking and integration

By default, XING ReferralManager tracks all activities up to and including the applicant’s arrival at the job posting page. In order to track which applications were generated by referrals, XING ReferralManager can be integrated with umantis.

Tracking is based on a tracking ID number. The technical integration is based on three XML feeds that can be generated directly in umantis:

  • Jobs export, so that jobs can be imported into XING ReferralManager
  • Applicants export, so that applications can be imported into XING ReferralManager
  • Status export, so that the applications’ status can be imported into XING ReferralManager

As part of the setup performed by XING, you the customer can specify which information the employee should see in their dashboard. For example, the applicant’s name can be displayed or anonymized. Or the employee can only see that a contact has applied for the job, but not that person’s status in the application process.

Generate exports

You can configure the three exports yourself in the umantis system, and then send the request URLs to for integration. Please refer to the information in the section on Sending request URLs to XING. Alternatively, the exports can also be generated by the umantis Customer Service team for a fee.

Jobs export

  • XING needs access to the currently posted jobs for its referral campaigns.
  • The jobs export delivers all currently posted jobs for which applications are being accepted.
  • The XML export can be requested via URL (e.g. https://recruitingapp-[customerID][exportID]?Key=[securityKey]&SprachID=[languageID]&CustomerID=[customerID]
  • [customerID] = ID for your umantis solution (e.g. 11003 or
  • [exportID] = ID for the specific automatic XML export
  • [languageID] = Language ID (e.g. 1=German, 2=English, etc.).
  • [securityKey] = Unique security key

Info.gif Export files for XRM jobs export: SQL and XSLT

The jobs export should be based on the following standard structure: (XML feed example — short)

    <job_description><![CDATA[  Felder 1 - 8 und Titel ]]></job_description>
       <name>[Stellen.PBVorname] [Stellen.PBNachname]</name>

Info.gif Description and example of an XML feed from XING: Integrating XML feed into the ReferralManager (PDF)

Applicant export

  • XING needs access to the applications referred by employees in order to display additional referral information.
  • The applicants export delivers all applications, including the tracking ID defined for each one.
  • The XML export can be requested via URL (e.g. https://recruitingapp-[customerID][exportID]?Key=[securityKey])
  • [customerID] = ID for your umantis solution (e.g. 11003 or 1234)
  • [exportID] = ID for the specific automatic XML export
  • [securityKey] = Unique security key

Info.gif Export files for XRM applicant export: SQL and XSLT

The applicant export should be based on the following standard structure:

   <name>[Bewerber.Vorname] [Bewerber.Name]</name>

Status export

  • XING needs access to application statuses in order to display information on the recruiting process in ReferralManager.
  • The export of the application statuses (name and code) is defined and configured in a customized way for each customer.
  • The XML export can be requested via URL (e.g. https://recruitingapp-[customerID][exportID]?Key=[securityKey])
  • [customerID] = ID for your umantis solution (e.g. 11003 or 1234)
  • [exportID] = ID for the specific automatic XML export
  • [securityKey] = Unique security key

Info.gif Export files for XRM status export: SQL and XSLT

The status export should be based on the following standard structure:

   [Status.code] // Uniquely identifiable status code (language-independent)

    <name> [Status.Name]</name>


</items >

Send request URLs to XING

Once you have set up the three automatic exports in accordance with the templates or the structures shown above, look under /Exports/AutoExportTemplates), in the view for the given export, in the “Request” section at the bottom, where you will find a

  • URL: https://recruitingapp-[IhreNummer][param1]&param_n=[param_n]
YourNumber — The number of your umantis solution, also often referred to as “CustomerID”
yourkey — Authentication key, can be found in the view of an export (/Exports/AutoExportTemplates/[ID]/Profile/General)

Modify this URL for each of the three exports as appropriate for your umantis solution. Then send all three URLs to

Example process with referral program

Once the interface has been configured, the referral program proceeds as shown in the following example (XING ReferralManager):

  1. In XING ReferralManager, a “campaign” is started, and the HR department shares it with employees.
  2. One of your employees recommends a job directly to a potential candidate. This referral already contains a specific tracking ID (in the URL that leads to the job posting).
  3. The candidate applies for the job through the referral they received. The tracking ID is automatically assigned to the candidate’s application, and the application is marked with a specific icon.
  4. The umantis system recognizes every application that was received through a referral program (as long as it was set up correctly), and allows for a direct link to the provider (in this case, XING ReferralManager). All information relevant to the referring employee can be viewed there. If the candidate/applicant is ultimately hired (after a successful interview, etc.), the employee who provided the referral can then be correctly identified (and rewarded accordingly, if desired).
Info.gif XML feeds are automatically synchronized every 30 minutes.

Attention.gif The current umantis interface for referral programs is set up exclusively for umantis job boards. If you are using external job boards, the integration (transmission of the tracking ID) should be specifically reviewed with the job board providers.

Tracking ID

A tracking ID is unique, and always allows for the valid identification of the person whose referral drew a job to a given applicant’s attention. Umantis automatically recognizes all applications received through a referral program by means of the tracking ID.

Info.gif Notes:

  • When the referral program is properly set up, the tracking ID can be viewed under Application documents > Source of application (/Recruiting/Applications/ID/ID/Details/Origin).
  • Take note of the tips on the tracking_id parameter as well.

Marking applications with an active referral program

Info.gif All applications that come in through a referral program are automatically marked with the Empfehlungsprogramm.png icon in umantis overviews.

This affects the following tabular overviews:

  • Full overview of all applications: /Recruiting/Applications
  • Applicant overview for a job: /Recruiting/Vacancies/ID/Selection

Clicking on the icon will take you to the profile of the employee that recommended the job.

Links in application documents

To set up a referral program, you must review the following links in the Application documents Action Bar (/Recruiting/Applications/ID/ID/Details) and modify them if necessary to ensure that they match the referral program you are using.

  • Empfehlungsprogramm.png Analyze referral program
This link leads to the site of the referral program provider that has been set up.
Configure link:
  • If you are using a different referral program, configure the value of Original content link template (by entering configuration mode and clicking on Config.gif). Note that this link must contain the tracking ID.
    (Default value of Original content link template is:[Bewerbung.TrackingID])
  • Empfehlungsprogramm.png All applications for this referral program
With this link, you can access all applications that have been received through the referral program you have set up.

Info.gif Once a referral program has been successfully set up, the links above are automatically activated if a given application was received through a referral program.


The umantis interface is currently set up for the following referral program providers:

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