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Umantis Applicant Management gives you the ability to include one or more recruiters in the process. First, the recruiters are created in the system. After receiving the login data in a system email, you can enter applications as appropriate. Recruiters see the following jobs:

HR experts process incoming applications, do a preselection pass, and forward the application to other people who then assess the applications. Clicking on a recruiter will take you to their recruiter profile.

Info.gif Please note that recruiters do not have access to archived jobs, and therefore cannot create applications for those jobs — even if they have been assigned to those jobs.

Assessing applications

If a recruiter has created an application for a job, this will be indicated on your home page. You may proceed in the same way as when receiving an application that was created by the applicant themselves. Do your preselection pass and forward the application to other people so that they can assess it.

Job posting restriction

Job posting restrictions serve to reduce a recruiter's access to currently published jobs which also need to be specially released in addition to being published. Without this access restriction, a recruiter would be able to see all currently published jobs in their view (/SelfServiceRecruiter). Releasing a job posting to recruiters can happen in one of two ways:

  • Activate job posting restriction: Under the “Recruiter” tab for the person themselves, a so-called “job posting restriction” can be specified in the person's basic info. If you check this box, the recruiter can then only see published jobs that have also been released for recruiters with job posting restrictions in the “Publication settings”.
  • Release a job posting for recruiters with a job posting restriction: A job posting can be released globally for all recruiters with job posting restrictions from directly within the job record itself — under Publication -> Publication settings, then in the language-independent settings under Release for all recruiters with job posting restrictions. If you check this box AND the job has been published, then even recruiters with an “activated” publication restriction can see this job in their publication overview.

Assigning / Contracting recruiters for published jobs

As an alternative to the procedures described above, you can also assign recruiters directly with the “Add new recruiter” action. You can do this in the “Assigned recruiters” section (/Recruiting/Vacancies/[ID]/Publication, or under Applicant Management > Jobs > (select job) > Publication > “Assigned recruiters” section).

The difference between these two variants is that by setting the flag “Release to all recruiters with job posting restrictions”, you release the posting to all recruiters simultaneously, whereas if you assign a recruiter in the “Assigned recruiters” section, you are contracting only certain recruiters for external recruiting. (Recruiters with no job posting restriction will continue to see ALL job postings — regardless of the release settings in the recruiter view, “/SelfServiceRecruiter”.)

Attention.gif Important notes:

  • Please continue to observe the restrictions on the recruiter's branch office membership. If you grant a global release with “Release to all recruiters with job posting restrictions”, then the recruiter’s branch office membership applies. If you assign a recruiter directly to a job posting, then the branch office membership is overridden, and this also applies with regard to access to the given job posting.
  • When a recruiter is assigned directly to the job (i.e. contracted), they will immediately see the job in their cockpit even if it is not posted, and can also upload applications.

Brief message to the recruiter

You can write a brief message to the recruiter directly in the applicant’s file. The message is then displayed in the recruiter view in the applicant overview.

Communication with the recruiter

The following variables are available for the recruiter:

Use Variable
Formal salutation PVBewerber.AnredeFormell
Informal salutation PVBewerber.AnredeInformell
Applicant’s first name PVBewerber.Vorname
Applicant’s last name PVBewerber.Name
Applicant salutation PVBewerber.Anrede
Applicant’s street address PVBewerber.Adresse
Applicant's ZIP/postal code PVBewerber.PLZ
Applicant city PVBewerber.Ort
Applicant country PVBewerber.Land
Applicant's birthdate PVBewerber.GebDat
Applicant’s telephone number PVBewerber.Telefon
Applicant’s email address PVBewerber.Email


Multiple actions

  • Send login data for cockpit
  • Send email(s) from template
  • Send email(s) through new template
  • Create letter from template
  • Change status and send email(s) to recruiter
  • Change status and send letter(s) to recruiter
  • Send email(s) to recruiter
  • Send letter(s) to recruiter
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