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Employees are the most important resource of a company and every employee is special. Supervisors, employees and HR managers can access their personnel files at one location and maintain content themselves.


Master data
Master data management for employees
Profile of jobs and function
Direct access for HR and supervisors
Simple connection to various salary systems
Standard interface to SAP
Efficient bulk processing
Versatile adaptability
Care by staff
Document management
Personal data management
Individual release
Full-text search of documents
Interactive reports
Interactive graphical analysis
Excel exports
Combined filter options
Access Security
Connection and disconnection of Access rights
Read and write access separable
Differentiated access protection
Providing support in the process
User-specific Wizard
Reminders and Checklists
Employee entrance and exit process
CV and skills
Data maintained by employees
Flexible Competency catalogs
Search for experts
Creating e-mails and letters
Templates and mass mailings
Telephone function and notes
Communication history
Microsoft Outlook interface