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Objectives module

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This module provides reliable support to HR personnel, superiors and employees as they agree objectives and evaluate performance. There is transparency in assessing whether you and your employees have achieved your objectives, and areas where measures need to be taken are highlighted. A detailed description of Objectives will give you a broad overview.


Agree objectives:
Create and update objectives
Derive interim objectives
Link and delegate objectives
Top-down and/or bottom-up
Set agreed objectives in stone
Generate emails and letters
Send templates and bulk mails
Telephone function and notes
Communication history
Microsoft Outlook interface
Interactive reports
Graphic analyses
Excel exports
Combinable filter options
Interim forecast
Any intervals you like
Forecast for employees and superiors
Adjust objectives with history
Monitor success company-wide

Support in the process
Personal agent on main page
Custom assistants
Task management
Ensure that objectives are met
Process controlling and communication
Evaluate objectives
Evaluate yourself and others
Employee feedback and evaluation
Option to accept or reject
Overview of balanced scorecard
Overall view of objectives and deadlines
Traffic light system for monitoring success
Derive objectives