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Linking using emails in employee management

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In two different application cases, users access the employee management solution via a link from an e-mail at very specific sites.

Third on invitation for assessing elements of the appraisal interview

Who was invited to a third evaluation of elements of the agreement, an employee who receives a personalized e-mail with a link to the solution sent. This link includes a Tolken-parameter, which identifies the user and allows him access to his assessment form without any further access data.
Info.gif‎ On the evaluation form displays all items that have been dedicated released for review by a third party. The release is made by the employee or authorized access to the appraisal interview. Those shared items are effectively assessable, which do not yet have the "assessment completed" status.

Approver an event participation

People who have been invited to an event permit participation also get a link in an e-mail. Using this link, the invitee enters after login (login with username and password) on the authorization form. He can then approve or reject the meetings taking place accordingly.