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The Positions tab helps you to plan staffing for your company. It provides an overview of the positions that have been entered, the ability to create talent pools and manage function profiles, and an applicant overview.

Structure of the Positions tab:

Position directory

The position directory lists all occupied and vacant positions in your company. This provides you with information on the current status of each position, as well as on future plans for staffing it. For example, you can see which positions have had succession planning set up and the number of successors involved, which positions have been approved for publication on the internal job board, and the number of applications already received. Clicking on a position listed in the position directory will take you to the position profile. Each employee’s risk of leaving and their potential are indicated in the position directory and the directory of potential successors with icons that are explained here.

Multiple actions

Here, you can select the data and settings you want, e.g. hierarchy level, position type, job family, etc. and assign them to the previously selected positions.
  • Mark as key position
  • Remove key position marking
  • Export positions to Excel (max. 2,000)
  • Export positions as XML
  • Historize position(s)
  • Reactivate position(s)
  • Delete position(s)

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