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Job requisitions (Hiring Manager)

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Managers can use Hiring Manager to create job requisitions (if this option has been enabled for them). The following (role-specific) job requisition forms are configured (by the administrator) in umantis Applicant Management so that job requisitions can be used in the new application:

Job requisitions for managers

  • /Public/PositionRequest/New or /Public/PositionRequest/NewMgmt
Forms for managers to create new job requisitions
  • /Public/PositionRequest/[ID]/Finalize
Form to prepare/edit draft job requisitions. ID stands for the ID of the given job requisition.

Job requisitions for HR experts

  • /Public/PositionRequest/NewPublic
Forms for HR experts (and other authorized persons) to create new job requisitions

This configuration is then used in the new application when creating a new job requisition.

Info.gif In the view of a job requisition in Hiring Manager, you will find the following information about the job requisition in the “Details” section (next to Job-related information):

Click “Expand” for details

General information on the job requisition

  • Number
  • Created by
  • Created on (Creation date)
  • Status (Submitted or Draft)
  • Last modified (date of last modification / date on which the job requisition was submitted)
  • Preferred start date
  • Additional comments

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