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Job description (applicant management)

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After selecting a job in the jobs overview, you will be taken to the detailed view for that job. Here, you can edit the details of the job’s description by clicking on the yellow pencil icon (Edit.gif). Under the “Internal information” header, you can attach internal documents and indicate the people responsible for this position.

General information

  • The logo is used as a fallback resource for all job boards if no logo has been uploaded directly to the job board under Publication for a specific language.
  • The job number is an alphanumeric value. This means that letters can be used too.

Info.gif However, it also means that jobs are sorted in alphanumeric order. Therefore, if you use digits only for your job numbers and want them to be correctly sorted, then you should use a fixed number of digits with leading zeros (e.g. 000001, 000002, 000023, 000123, ...)

  • The job title is displayed in internal jobs overviews and is not used as such on job boards. Therefore, this field can contain additional text that is not intended for applicants.

Information from the job requisition

Click on Edit.GIF to edit the job requisition information displayed here:

  • Type of request
  • Questions about the request
  • Requester
  • Replacement for
  • Preferred start date
  • Requires approval by
  • Reason for job requisition

Position description

Click on Edit.GIF to edit the information displayed here:

  • Expected start date
  • Starting as
  • etc.

Info.gif The information displayed here is already defined when creating a new job, for example.

Applicant requirements

You can fill in the “Education”, “Professional experience”, and “Special knowledge and skills” fields with your expectations for successful applicants. In the last field, you can select the degree or diploma that is required for the job you are trying to fill.


Click on Edit.GIF to edit the “Responsibilities” section. You can edit the following data in this section:

If you activate this function, it is recommended that the responsible hiring managers (or alternate hiring managers) subscribe to the status "Evaluation by manager" so that they will receive a notification when new applications are submitted.
This setting is configured under User, in the "email notifications" section (/Administration/Users/[ID]/Profile/ReminderSettings):
Here, next to “Notify me by email when one of my applications changes to the following status:”, select the statusEvaluation by manager”.
  • Automatically forward applications to committees
For this field, select the committees to which the applications should be released automatically.
Attention.gif Incoming applications will be immediately released to the specified committees. By default, all committee members assigned to a branch office will receive access permissions as soon as an application is released to the relevant committee. If this job requires access for a special combination of committee members, you can list the committee members (from one or more committees) who require access under “Special access for committees”.
  • Forward an email to affected committee members for each application
This setting only takes effect when combined with “Automatically forward applications to committees”.

HR expert

  • The responsible HR expert sees the job and its applicants under “My jobs” and “My applications”, both in search filters and the search links on the home page. In addition, the HR expert’s contact data are included in the job posting, and can be inserted into communication templates such as letters and emails through variables like [Stellen.PBVorname], [Stellen.PBNachname],etc.
  • All alternate HR experts can access the jobs and their applications under “My jobs as alternate”.


  • The responsible manager is HR’s key partner in selecting an applicant, and has his or her own hiring manager access to all jobs that fall under his/her responsibility and all activated applications for those jobs. Depending on which elements have been activated, the responsible manager can view, edit and approve various content items for the job, and assess all applications that have been activated for his or her review.
  • Alternate managers have access to all jobs and applicants that have been activated for the responsible manager, and have the same access permissions to their profiles.

Example: [Stellen.LVGVorname],[Stellen.LVGNachname]

Info.gif Note that administrators or HR experts can also assign any manager that is visible to them to a job that they are allowed to edit.

Committee members

If the assessment link is enabled for display, the committee member can submit evaluations; otherwise, their access is read-only.

Branch office

A job is always assigned to a branch office. Administrators and HR experts with access to multiple branch offices can assign a job to a different branch office at any time. Assigning a job to a branch office controls all of its branch office-specific elements, including certain system emails, template texts, and the privacy policy statement, which are managed in the branch office profile, as well as publication options and visibility for HR experts and recruiters (published jobs only).
Info.gif Before you assign a job to a different branch office, make sure that the job has been retracted from all publication channels (see internal and external postings).

Special access for committees

This view presents a table with an overview of the committee members assigned to the job. You can use the Assign committee members link to assign additional committee members. By default, all committee members assigned to a branch office will receive access permissions when an application (for a job at this branch office) is released to the relevant committee. For this to work, you do not have to define the “Access for committees” for every job, but simply ensure that each committee member is assigned to the correct branch office. In specific cases where a job requires access for a special combination of committee members, you can list the committee members (from one or more committees) who require access under “Special access for committees”.

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