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Internal publication (applicant management)

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The internal advertisement in Applicant management can be found under the "Applicant management" tab for the relevant Job. The job advertisement is formulated and published on the internal job market (Intranet). Alongside this element, other elements are available, such as External advertisement, Job description, Approval and Applicant overview.

Jobs can be published in all active languages. Users can switch between languages using their own navigation system. The search criteria under which the advertisement is to be displayed when searching via the homepage can also be defined. Likewise, adaptive selection lists to facilitate the search are used automatically when searching. Under the "Advertisement settings" action, you can select whether the online application option is to be made available. The advertisement layout can also be defined there.

The job market is updated every 10 minutes, i.e. faster response times may be granted. Changes in the job market will therefore only be visible with delays of up to 10 minutes.

To be able to publish a job on the Intranet, it is a prerequisite that the functionality is activated in the Compay settings/Organization profile . If it is not activated, the "Internal job advertisement" tab in the Job profile will not be displayed.

Further information can be found in the External advertisement section .
Likewise, there is also an Internal advertisement in Employee management

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