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The HR expert can enter their evaluation in the HR evaluation (Appraisal/s). The applicant's detailed answers to the selection questions are also given here.

Other tabs


  • Copy list of questions from the job: The question catalog refers to the set of defined questions for a job (selection questions), and they are copied from the job to the application when applying online or creating an application. If you change these questions for the job after this application has been created, you can use this function to retrospectively update the questions on the application.
  • Copy internal list of criteria from the job: The same function as with selection questions.
  • Activate questions to be answered and send e-mail: The applicant can only answer selection questions while applying online. If further questions are added after the application or if, for some reason, the applicant is to be given another chance to answer the selection questions, this can be done using this function. After approval, this note appears above the answers: "Applicant can still amend answers". The applicant can now work on the answers to the selection questions until they themselves click "Finish application" again or the HR consultant clicks on the "Deactivate answering the questions" link.
  • Create reminder for application