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Fig. 1: Interaction of all elements
Function profiles offer the possibility to group various skills and knowledge, such as leadership skills, personality, or speciality competencies, and to define them as general requirements. Several jobs may be allocated to one function profile, and thus share the same requirement profile.

The function profiles allocate a fixed catalogue of relevant competencies for employee interviews to all associated employees. By linking employee interview catalogues with functional profiles, which are also linked to employees, the requirements of the function profile with the characteristics of the employee may be evaluated in a targeted manner by a comparison of actual/nominal. Likewise, the properties of the functional profile may be used as a benchmark for the respective employee interview.

Explanation of the adjacent Figure 1

The employee interview and the employee interview catalogues contain the common criteria, "targets", "tasks" and "development goals" for evaluation. One job is assigned a functional profile and contents of the applicant interview catalogues are copied to functional profiles as well. This way, functional profiles form a central link between all four elements.

Assigning Function Profiles

There are two ways to assign function profiles to employees: Either via employee import or via manual assignment in the job profile in the respective employee file.

Info.gif Behaviour when allocating a new job holder: Note, that the setting made under Job key is "unique".

Historicising of Function Profiles

Function profiles change relatively quickly or are replaced by new ones. Therefore it is possible to historicise and reactivate them if necessary. You can also copy function profiles and thereby prepare a "new, revised" version of the function profile parallel to the existing functional profile. To do this, select the status for the corresponding functional profile "in progress", because this way it may still be assessed and changed by various committees before becoming effective. If a functional profile is in progress or has been historicised, the employee import will ignore it.


Various responsibilities can be assigned to each function profile. Only responsible employees and administrators are permitted to change function profiles.

Schloss_16.png Who sees what here?

When creating a functional profile, managers can be assigned. Then, only these may edit function profiles.

Function profiles in the employee section

URL: /SelfService/FunctionProfiles

Here, all the roles see all the released function profile URL: /FunctionProfiles

Who sees what:

  • Administrators -> all function profiles
  • HR experts -> all released function profiles, all function profiles in their access via organizational units, as well as all directly assigned function profiles
  • Managers -> all released function profiles, as well as all directly assigned function profiles.

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