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umantis supports other ways to design and format texts and written materials, such as Job advertisements and Events.

WYSIWYG Text Editor

You can format the entered text using the text editor. To do so, use the buttons in the symbol bar. The formatting displayed int he editor corresponds to the final result after saving (= What You See Is What You Get)

Attention.gif Important notes:

  • This function is only available for more recent browser versions. In the case of older browser versions, normal input fields are displayed (without text editor).
  • Note that the editor does not appear with the setting "Type of input field: Textfield" (= single line). The WYSIWYG text editor only becomes active after the setting "Type of input field: TextArea 2Rows" (= multiline). The type of the input field for the respective text block can be defined via Configuration mode by clicking on Config.gif.
  • The currently supported languages are (see also Isocodes): en, hr, pl, sk, hu, it, de, fr, ro, zh cn, tr, sl, ru, pt pt, nl, ko, ja, fi, es, el, cs, bg

Activating the WYSIWYG text editor

The "What You See Is What You Get" text editor is only available for fields that permit Word/HTML formatting. If you want to deactivate/activate the editor for certain fields, carry out the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the field concerned
  2. Click on "Customize view" to switch to configuration mode.
  3. Click on config.gif for the field in question.
  4. Modify the respective setting under Disable HTML Editor - Select the checkbox if you no longer want to use the editor.

Functions of the WYSIWYG text editor

The editor toolbar offers several options for formatting the input text:


1 Insert HTML

2 Format templates

3 Bold

4 Italic

5 Underline

6 Strikethrough

7 Bullets

8 Numbering

9 Decrease indent

10 Increase indent

11 Insert image

info.gif Note that with the button Insert_Image_wysiwyg.png you can by default only insert images that already exist in your umantis solution (uploaded in advance).
If you want to insert images from other sources, modify the corresponding settings (although not recommended) for the input field concerned.

12 Insert video

info.gif Note that with the button Insert_Video_wysiwyg.png you can only insert videos from the following sources: Youtube and Vimeo

13 Insert / delete link

14 Change orientation

15 Insert / edit table

Images from external sources permitted (not recommended)

info.gif Note: Refer to the notes under Adjust data fields - HTML safety restrictions.

Fields that permit the insertion of images via the WYSIWYG editor are subject to the following restrictions in Configuration mode under HTML safety restrictions:

  • mit Einschränkung / with restriction (recommended setting)
This restriction only allow images already uploaded in your umantis solution to be inserted. This restriction prevents images from other sources from being inserted.
  • ohne Einschränkung / without restriction (not recommended)
This setting allows you to insert images from external sources. It is not recommend to permit/insert external content as this may originate from untrustworthy sources. This may result in inadvertently harmful or copyright protected content being used.

Formatting commands

Formatting Insert: Can be viewed:
Bold * Text * Text
Italic _Text_ Text
Bullets (-) Text (-) • Text
Combination options *_Text_* Text
*_Text_Text_* Text Text
_Text*Text*_ Text Text

The following applies for all formatting:

  • There must be a space before the first (and after the last)
  • There must be a space before the first * and after the last *
  • There must be a space before the first _ and after the last _

Take care that the text to be formatted is not wrapped by pressing "Enter", but instead are recorded as continuous text. If you need to take a new line for bulleted text, this can be added using "Enter" as normal. Alternatively, you can also use HTML commands in the advertisement text fields.

Link email addresses and telephone numbers

By clicking on the linked e-mail address, users can send you an e-mail more easily because they are not required to copy your e-mail address.

To do so, use the following formatting:

  • E-mails (e.g.
  • Telephone numbers
callto:Your-telephone-number (e.g. +41 71 250 20 20)
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