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You access the Exports overview via the "Exports" tab in applicant management or employee management.


If you want to export entries from the umantis solution, this is possible at various locations within the solution. There are essentially two export options: Exporting an entire catalog (e.g. the entire catalog of employee objectives) or exporting individual entries (e.g. individual job appointments).

First configure the interface from which you would like to export data. In the case of list entries, the individual entries (e.g. vacancies in the job directory) must be selected separately. Then select the Export function. If you are exporting individual entries, you will be asked for the export template into which you would like to export the data. Therefore you should first create these templates before exporting the data or you should import standard export templates from the Wiki into the solution.

  1. In the solution, click on the corresponding export button or select the entries and click on Export in the multi-action list.
  2. A window opens in which you must select the template for the export. Confirm this be selecting "Use".
  3. You can then begin the export process by selecting "Start export'.
  4. Once the export is complete, a confirmation message appears and the corresponding document can be found under "Exports".


Exports in employee management

The exports overview shows you all the exports you have activated. Each employee only has the right to exports that he/she has created. Only administrators are permitted to also view other exports.

Exports in applicant management

The exports overview shows you all the exports that have been activated. It does not matter here who has created this export.

Exporting documents

Exporting documents (e.g. CV, letter of application etc.) is not supported.

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