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Events module

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The Events module supports persons responsible for further development programs in planning, publishing and managing courses.


Planning and publication
List of events
Publishing e-learning programs
Defining curricula
Flexible approval process
Defining registration questions
Resource calendar
Organizing series of events
Creating email and letters
Templates and mass mailings
Telephone function and notes
Communication history
Microsoft Outlook interface
Managing participants
Monitoring mandatory events
List of participants and vendors
Registering, re-booking, de-registering
Working with waiting lists
Notes for overbooking/underbooking
Providing support in the process
Personal agent on the main page
Individual assistants
Task management
Process control
Evaluating success
Participant surveys
Comparing individual development goals
Preparing certificates
Interactive reports
Graphic analyses
Excel exports
Combined filter options


Event management features a number of different roles, with which a very high degree of flexibility can be achieved.

  • Events (administrator): Can create and publish events in their assigned organization units, register, de-register, move and copy participants, and make all the settings.
  • Events (user): Has access, in the 'Supervisors and Administrators area' to the catalog of events for their organizational units, where employees register and de-register, and can submit a request for external event.
  • Instructors: Has access to their own area where their assigned events and participants are displayed.