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The "Events" tab is located in Employee management on the main navigation page:


Events   Registrations   Instructors   Resources

Details   Publication   Participants   Reminders   Evaluations   Communication

Below you will find all the options that are available on the events tab, provided that they are displayed.

Events - Home screen

The Events tab shows a complete tabular view of all events. In this section, you can perform the following multiple actions for one or more selected events:

Multiple actions

The event calendar is updated every 10 minutes, enabling faster response times. Changes in the event calendar may take up to 10 minutes to become visible.

Click on a specific event to navigate to the detailed view of the event.


You can set different filters using the Search function, and search for specific events - or use the advanced search. This enables you to enter more detailed search criteria in the form of input fields and selection lists.
The different filters for the search function can be displayed/hidden in Configuration mode.


This section provides you with the following options:

  • Create event
  • Specify sorting for catalog: This item enables you to determine the priorities for two criteria that will be used for automatic sorting of the event catalog when it is opened.
  • Calendar View

Event Calendar

Clicking on the "Calendar View" link in the Actions will display a calendar view. The event calendar provides helpful information about upcoming events, thus making event planning easier for event administrators. The event calendar view allows you to specify the period of time that is displayed (year, month, week or day). There is also a search field that can be used to search for events.
Info.gif Note that the calendar view can only be displayed correctly in more recent versions of Internet Explorer.

The event calendar view can be activated in any of the following sections:

  • /CourseCatalog/Courses
  • /Courses
  • /SelfService/Courses
  • /SelfServiceTrainer/Courses
  • /Public/Courses

Visual configuration of the event calendar

You can customize how the calendar is displayed by configuring the selection lists for events. Two examples are provided below.

  • You can associate specific icons with each event type:
Selection list: Event type
In this selection list, a specific icon can be associated with each of the stored selection values (e.g. Lecture / Seminar / Workshop / Assessment Center, etc.). To do this, fill in the "Special Code" field of the selection value in question with the word "icon-", followed by the icon code. Standard valid icon codes / icons can be found in the following document: umantis_Icons.pdf.
Example: Entering "icon-umantis-icon-9" for the "Seminar" selection value would show the following icon in the calendar view before every event type that is declared as a seminar: Icon 9.png
  • You can associate color codes with each event category:
Selection list: Event category
In this selection list, a specific hexadecimal color code can be associated with each of the stored selection values (e.g. Continuing Education / Training / Introduction / Course etc.). To do this, fill in the "Special Code" field with the appropriate hexadecimal code (see


This section lets you store user-defined links - for example, to set up an export of event schedules for Outlook or Lotus Notes.

Prerequisite events

Within the detailed view of a specific event, you can use the "Prerequisite events" section to enter events that are required for participation in the event currently displayed in the detailed view.

View within an event

From the event title, you can use the following tabs to go to event details:

Details   Publication   Participants   Reminders   Evaluations   Communication

Access rights depending on module and user role

Employee management in umantis distinguishes events in the Events (Administrators) module from those in the Events (Users) module. In addition, the assigned user role also influences access regulation in association with the assigned modules.

If the module event administrator was assigned and
  • The person is also assigned the user role "Administrator":
    Access to all events and registrations.
  • The person is also assigned the user role "Employee" or "Supervisor with access to directly subordinate employees":
If one of the following applies, the person has access rights to events and registrations:
  • No limitation was set on organizational units for the event in question
  • The person is the creator of the event
  • The person was entered as the responsible administrator for the event
  • The person is also assigned the user role "Supervisor with access to directly subordinate employees and to further organizational units", "General manager", or "HR staff":
The person has access to events and registrations. The same access rules are applicable as for employees and for supervisors with access to directly subordinate employees. If the person was explicitly entered on an organizational unit assigned to the event, this access is also applicable to this event and registrations.
Direct links:
- Administration of events: /Courses
- Administration of associated participations: /Courses/Participation

If the Event User module was assigned:

  • The rights that are described above for user roles are applicable
  • Subordinate employees can be registered by their supervisors ("Assign" is only available to administrators)
Direct links:
  • Registering subordinate employees to an event: /CourseCatalog/Courses
  • Overview of registrations for subordinate employees and, if applicable, for external individuals: /CourseParticipation

Authorization concept

An employee's event is saved in their Person record. This means: The person with the supervisor role can see all events of his employees, including those in which an employee participated while in an earlier job. For their former employees with archived jobs, supervisors can also view events in which those employees participate while in their new jobs.

FAQs about events

  • Is it possible to automatically save two approvers as employees for the approval of an external event?
This can only be done manually, using the free-text approval field in the settings of the corresponding event.
  • Is it possible to search in the diagrams of an event?
Yes, this is possible. However, the search first needs to be displayed.
  • Can I make registration queries mandatory?
No, this is not possible.
  • The employee shall reimburse payment for a course if s/he leaves the company within a period of X years.
A corresponding checkbox could be placed (within an event in the "Publication"tab). The name of this checkbox can be defined by the user, for example "Event must be paid back". In addition, a certificate should be attached as a reminder that reimbursement is required.
  • Can evaluation questions be sent automatically - for example X weeks after an event?
Yes, this is possible as long as the event is active (not historicized).
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