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In umantis, you can set up reminders at various places in the system. When creating reminders, you can specify the following fields:

  • Title
Required field — Be sure to give the reminder a meaningful title.
  • Priority
You can set a priority for your reminder.
  • Description
You can enter a description for your reminder.
  • Due date (“Due on”)
You can specify a due date for your reminder.

Info.gif You must enter a date that lies in the future. If you enter a date that lies in the past, an error message will appear.

  • Send reminder email
Check the box to receive a reminder email
  • on
You can specify a date when you want to receive a reminder email. You will want to set a date for the reminder email that falls before the due date.
  • Responsible person
You can assign the responsible person.

After entering all necessary information, click on “Save”. You will then see a summary of the reminder, and you have the option to edit it further or delete it.

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