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Employee directory - Career planning

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In principle, this overview is the same as the employee directory. Schloss_16.png The overview is displayed only those users who have Access to the module on career planning. Under the "Career" table of the employee's profile, succession planning can be made for the position. However, succession planning is made primarily from the tab Jobs (employee management).

For each employee, the future potential and the exit risk can be defined under "Potential" in the "Employee review meeting" tab. This will then not only appear in the overview for career planning and in the column Vacancies in the List of vacancies, but also in the succession planning for the position for respectively assigned employee.

In contrast to the tab "potential", in which a periodic evaluation and display of employee potential is possible, the tab "career" (> Section "Potential and Risk" (if shown)) shows the respective currently applicable and stored potentials assessment.

Schloss_16.png Who sees what here?

URL: /Employment/ProcessB

Same rights as in employees directory

Features of this process view

The two columns for development potential and exit risk are especially interesting: With icons, they show the respective status that is defined based on your assessment of the employee. You will also find the same icons in the List of vacancies and in Succession planning under the tab "Vacancies".

Development potential Risk of leaving
High potential sign_high_potential.JPG Very high Dot_red.gif
Potential there sign_potential_there.JPG High Dot_orange.JPG
At the right place sign_right_place.JPG Normal Dot_grey1.JPG
Overworked sign_overworked.JPG Low Dot_brightgreen.gif
Not specified Not specified

Multiple actions

  • Copy reminders from checklist
  • Create new reminder for employees
  • Deactivate standing out reminder
  • Change status
  • Create print view (ZIP archive)
  • Produce print view as employee document
  • Produce PDF as employee document
  • Add to existing poll
  • Add to new poll
  • Assign to an event
  • Export employee vacancies to Excel
  • Display the selection in the employee directory