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The home page provides links and information that will help you with your day-to-day work. Links followed by a number in parentheses are known as search links. A number greater than (0) often means that action must be taken. Simply click on the link, and you will be taken straight to the relevant overview.

Each customer has great flexibility to customize this page, and the information displayed here will vary greatly depending on the role that has been assigned to the given user. With these user-defined links, you can display your processes, link to wizards, and more.

Search links

Search links are special links that perform a search in the background and display the results in the appropriate overview. These links are often followed by a number in parentheses, indicating the number of search results. A number greater than (0) usually means that action must be taken.

Overview of search links

  • People
  • Current employees
  • External individuals
  • Jobs
  • Vacant positions
  • Filled positions
  • Advertised jobs
  • Key positions without successors
  • Staff positions
  • Performance reviews
  • ...


  • Pending decision on data release
  • Data release consent retroactively withdrawn in the past 7 days
  • Data release declined and no participation in active events

Example of search link configuration

On the home page, in the container for “Employee review meetings” (or “Performance & Development”), you can customize the search links and explicitly specify a particular link target. In this case, the link target should preferably point to the Employee review meeting tab:

  • To do this from Configuration mode on the home page, find the relevant link in the “Employee review meetings” container and click on Config.gif
  • Under “Link target”, enter /Employment/ProzessA.

After saving, the link in question will lead directly to the Employee review meeting tab (/Employment/ProzessA).

Attention.gif Since search links perform a search in the background and display the search result in the appropriate overview screen, search links (i.e. link targets) should only be modified if you understand exactly what search is performed by the search link (and whether the search is displayed).

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