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Two types of emails are now distinguished in umantis:

These emails are automatically triggered/sent out by the system (e.g. welcome emails); in some cases, they can be directly configured under the “Email notifications” section in the user profile.
These emails are triggered/sent out manually (e.g. Emails from template to explicitly invite an applicant).

Attention.gif Notes:

  • The sender address must be valid (= configured on an email server) in order for any email to be sent out. If an invalid account (= dummy email account) has been entered here, then the email cannot be sent out.
  • Note that email attachments are limited to a maximum size of about 14 MB.

System emails

Info.gif See also System emails

Settings for sender addresses
For the sender address of system emails, you can define both a general sender address and a branch office-specific sender address.

This address will be used as the sender for all automatically generated system emails, if no dedicated sender address has been provided for the branch office (see "Email settings" in the profile settings for a branch office).
This address is used as the sender for all automatically generated branch office-specific system emails. This sender address overrides the email address stored in the main settings as the sender address for system emails.
Info.gif If no branch office-specific email address is specified here, then the "System email sender address" from the organizational profile in the main settings will be used.

Email notifications:

  • Applicant Management
Email notifications can be turned on and off for individual users under their settings. The following notification options are available:
- Notify me by email when I receive a new job requisition
- Notify me by email when one of my applicants updates their profile
- Notify me by email when one of my applicants confirms an appointment
- Notify me by email when one of my applicants is assessed:
This includes assessments by hiring managers, alternates, committees and third-party assessors. Alternate HR experts are included in the CC field, if this function has been activated.
- Applicant updates their profile
- Applicant confirms an appointment
- Applicant has been assessed by another responsible individual
- Application changes to a different applicant status
- Job changes to a different status
  • Employee Management
The following email notifications can be set up directly in the employee settings:
- Event participant changes their participant status

Manually triggered emails

Settings for sender addresses
For the sender addresses of manually triggered emails, there is no option to directly specify a general or branch office-specific sender address as there is with system emails. The sender address for manually triggered emails is defined at the user level.

General email settings

Settings for sender addresses
Besides the specific settings for system emails and manually triggered emails, you can also configure general email settings that apply to both of these types of emails.

  • Sender address (in the “Email special settings” under the main settings):
The address entered here will be used as the sender address for all outgoing emails. The email address entered here will also be used when an explicit sender address has been specified for system emails or manually triggered emails. The original sender address is used in the email as the Reply To address.

Send date (optional)

When sending emails (in both Applicant Management and Employee Management), you have the option to have the email sent out either on a specific date or after a certain number of days:

  • Later send date
If you do not want to send out the email immediately, you can specify a future date on which to send it. On that day, the email will be sent at about the same time of day as when you entered the email request.
  • Send in (number of days)
The email will be sent out after this number of days. On that day, the email will be sent at about the same time of day as when you entered the email request.

Attention.gif Notes:

  • If you have already specified an optional send date and want to cancel/block the mail from being sent, you must go to the relevant communication overview and delete the email in question. If you have specified the send date for multiple people, you must enter each individual communication overview to delete the email and prevent it from being sent out.
  • If the send time defined falls on a weekend, the email is sent anyway.

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