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Diagrams about people

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You will find the diagrams about people in the Evaluations. Here you can analyze people data using the diagrams of your choice. This page differs from the two preceding diagram pages (Diagrams about the employee and Diagrams about the employee review meeting) through there being a capability, here, to analyze external persons too. However you do not have the option, here, to display content from particular periods. Employee review meeting information from variable periods cannot be dynamically displayed. If you would like to have a particular diagram, please contact our support team. You can select from 3 tables beneath the diagram. You can use a selection of around 30 different bits of personal information (columns) to design the table content so that they suit the relevant diagram type. It is often the case that just one table is enough to support all the diagrams that have been activated on this page. In such cases it is enough to only configure the top table.

The other settings

  • Who is to be allowed to view the diagram
  • Which table do I wish to display
  • Which searches do I wish to support

are made in the diagram settings (diagram templates)

You can also produce an export for each diagram which keeps the information for you and makes it available, like a report, to other people.