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Development module

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The right employees are the most important asset of a company. To promote them and thus, to gain their long-term loyalty to the company makes high demands on supervisors and HR managers. The development module helps you to identify the need for development and education systematically and implement measures derived from this.


Formulation of target profiles
Agree on skills
Deriving from related jobs (Job families)
Inheritable requirements
Creating email and letters
Templates and mass mailings
Telephone function and notes
Communication history
Microsoft Outlook interface
Interactive reports
Graphic analyses
Excel exports
Combined filter options
Systematic employee review meetings
Agree on tasks and duties
Identification of shortcomings in skills
Plan development measures
Target/Actual comparison
Determine individual training needs
Assessment of potential
Self-and external assessment
Holistic overall assessment
Providing support in the process
Personal agent on the main page
Individual assistants
Task management
Process control and communications
View development goals and schedules
Traffic light system to monitor success
Overview of company-wide skills