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Data protection policy & data release

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The privacy policy statement and the data release provide your company with legal protection from your applicants. These two components can be configured in the settings for the individual branch offices of your umantis solution.

Privacy policy statement

The privacy policy statement can be prepared in different languages in the settings for the individual branch offices, and a branch office-specific setting controls whether consent should be a part of the application process.


A disclaimer can be prepared in various languages for each branch office. It will then be displayed to each applicant that applies to a job at the given branch office.
Info.gif The disclaimer is defined under Settings > Branches > Select branch office > “Privacy policy statement and job posting template” tab.

Data release

The data release can be activated or deactivated for the relevant application forms on a branch office-specific basis. If applicants are required to release their data, they are asked to confirm the data release before sending their application. Confirmation is given by means of a radio button on the application form, and the HR contact can also request confirmation later on by using a link in the applicant profile to send an email. The email template is named “SystemTemplate_Ask4DataAgreement”, and can be edited in the system emails.
If the applicant does not consent to the data release, they will be informed again when they next log in that they should confirm the release of their data.

Request data release

The link to “Request data release” is displayed if the applicant has not approved the data release.

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