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Under General you can define the name of the wizard in the respective relevant language and customize the wizard’s internal name.

By clicking on the pencil next to Steps you come to a table of existing steps and can add a new step to this wizard using the formula under the table.

Elements of a step in the wizard

The following elements can be defined per wizard step.

This step’s URL

On which web page (internet address) should the user end up in this step in order to carry out an action?

The URL is the unique internet address of the required web page of your umantis solution in this step of the wizard. The relevant part of the URL for the wizard begins under Parameters and anchors may be used, but don’t have to be.

In the URLs of the individual web pages, you replace the employees’ numbers, jobs etc. with the expression [UrlID1], [UrlID2],[UrlID3],... (from left to right inclusive of the square brackets!). If a step is accessed, then the first number of the current address will be populated as [UrlID1] of the accessed step, the second number to the position [UrlID2], etc...

Employee profile example:

> transfer into URL field: /Employment/Current/[UrlID1]/Profile

Overview of new applications example:

> transfer into URL field: /Recruiting/Applications?searchCurrentStatus=2010&Search=1

Info.gif Any token behind the URL doesn’t have to be entered into the field (e.g.:

Step becomes active when

In principle, a step becomes active when the requirements are fulfilled, with the result that the same quantity or more of ID (numbers) are on the current address as were expected in the URL of the step [UrlID].

In addition, a step can be safeguarded by defining that it is not selectable before Step X or after Step Y.

Step title, text and help

One title A), one text B) and one detailed help text C) can be defined per language for each step.


The help text appears whenever the cursor moves over the info icon and partially as its own info box above the action bar on the left-hand side. The aim of this is to reduce options as much as possible so as to make the use of the wizard easier.

If the help text should not cover the action bar, the option “Display action bar despite help text” can be selected.

Continue automatically when...

A jump URL can be used to define in which cases the next step should automatically be called up.

When for instance after the first step, where an employee or an application is selected, step 2 should automatically be activated, then the primary employee view (/Employment/Current/ID/Profile) or the primary application view (/Recruiting/Applications/ID/ID/Details) must be entered as a jump URL.

Replace the numbers with the ID character string in the URL.

Handling help text

Setting option for handling help text. Help texts can be displayed as a movable pop-up window (Design 2018)

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