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To create an email template, go to the "Communication" module, and click on the "Templates" tab. There is a link labeled "Create e-mail template" beneath the search function on the left-hand side under Actions. Clicking on this link calls up a screen to enter texts and attach documents.

Position variables where the recipient-related or sender-related data from the database is to be inserted, as with a serial letter. The name of the correct variables can be found under Activate variable finder.

The field "Message (HTML)" allows the usage of HTML for e-mail design (if the field "Message (HTML)" is displayed - see: Display and hide items). If you fill in this field, the email is sent with HTML. The text from the top field is always sent along with it as an alternative text. The quality of HTML emails depends very much on the recipient's email program and should be tested outside umantis. More about this topic can be found at

The only field available is for HTML entry.

Info.gif Observe the following instructions to avoid HTML error messages:

  • If your HTML has an integrated URL, it must start with https://, "http://" is not accepted for security reasons.
  • If you would like to include an image, upload it under Integration & Design and use "/pubhtml/<customerid>/customer/<imagename>?lang=<language>", e.g. "/pubhtml/1067/customer/umantis.jpg?lang=ger" to embed it.

Click on "Save" to return to the overview. The template you just created is listed at the top.

Settings & Access

  • When using the letter templates, you can filter according to the allocated template language.
  • In employee management, you can define who is permitted to use a template. Schloss 16.png A template may be edited by anyone who has been assigned the "Communication" module role.
  • In application management, administrators and HR staff can view all of their branch offices' templates and are also authorized to change them.
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