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Containers appear throughout the solution. They can be used to integrate other web applications, websites or other control elements. However, they are specially designed to display diagrams through the integration of Diagrams / Dashboards / Charts.

Info.gif To find and configure containers, switch to configuration mode Config.gif.

Configuring containers

You can configure the width, height and scrolling behavior of each container.

Dimensions are specified in pixels (e.g. “350px”) or as a percentage (e.g. “50%”). Automatic or activated scrolling behavior are especially useful when integrating dashboards with fixed dimensions. This allows for all content to be displayed within the container via scrolling.

Calculate height automatically

“Calculate height automatically” causes the height of the container to be calibrated automatically. This function is especially useful when integrating event templates, since the height of the field is then automatically adjusted to fit the information provided for a given event.

Attention.gif Note that for certain diagrams, the Calculate height automatically option may cause the display size to continually increase. If you observe this behavior, please deactivate this option.

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