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Competencies refer to the rights and obligations that are assigned to an applicant or officer. In fact, they alone make it possible for the assigned tasks to be carried out.

You can set up competencies in the "Employee review meeting tab.

Recording competencies

To record competencies, please first click on the year for which you would like to record the competencies. There, under "Record new competency", you can enter the competencies for the selected employee. Give the competency (*mandatory field) a name and fill in the description for it. You can also select there that a reminder is sent to the employee (tick the checkbox). If you do not want this competency to be visible for the employee, please tick the checkbox "Not visible to the employee".

If you would like to record other competencies, please set a checkmark in the box "Record other competencies" and the click on "Save". The competency is saved and you arrive in a new, empty window and you can immediately enter another competency using the same process as above.

If competencies remain the same, you have the option to assume competencies from other employees or from past years by clicking on "Copy competency from others or from the past".

Agree upon competencies

To agree on recorded competencies, please first click on the year for which you would like to agree on the competencies.

Then select "Agree" under Actions to fix the competencies.

Evaluate competencies

From the link "Evaluate competencies", you arrive in the view menu where you can evaluated the competency based on the scale.
See also: Average calculations of employee evaluations and Overall assessment.

Examples of competencies

  • Sprinter
    • Ability to concentrate
    • Motivation
    • Power of imagination
  • Account Manager
    • Recognize interrelationships
    • Combine and assess knowledge
    • Identify problems and problematic situations, analyze them and be flexible enough to apply various approaches to a solution

Competencies vs. Skills

What is highly relevant is the ability to differentiate between competencies (defined during the employee review meeting) and skills (recorded in the employee file).

  • Competencies: Are directly related to the employee's current job.
  • Skills: Describe general context-independent competencies of the employee.

An employee in a consulting position has excellent IT skills. Consequently, they are understood as skills, because they are not connected with his current job and are also not sufficient for an IT position.