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In umantis, assistants guide the user through use cases. The sequence of steps required is displayed, or the steps may even be triggered automatically. At every step, users can receive further guidance in the form of information.

You will find the Assistants area under Settings. The overview displays all the assistants that have been created. You can click an assistant to edit it.

Benefits of assistants

  • Better process quality
  • Integrate new employees more quickly
  • Navigate more efficiently
  • Simple navigation in the solution
  • Assistants are easy to customise

Create and edit an assistant

To find out exactly to add steps to an assistant and how they need to be structured, go to Create new assistant.

The overview of steps in an assistant displays all the steps sorted in sequence. You can use the arrows ArrowDown.gif,ArrowUp.gif? to change the order. So, if you retrospectively want to add another interim step, it is first added at the bottom and you can then move it upwards.

Integrating assistants

An assistant is opened via the URL ".../Wizard/ID". An assistant's ID is output as "No." in the overview.

Example Send a link to the assistant

You can send the link to the assistant (wizard) and the recipients only have to click it for the assistant to guide them through umantis, e. g. an application process or initiate an employee review meeting.


Replace [CLIENTID] with your umantis ID, and the number of the wizard with the number of your assistant.

Example Integrate a link to the assistant on the main page

Would you like to add an assistant to the main page? If so, enter this link with your umantis ID and the title of the link by, under "Customise view", clicking the link which is to be inserted via the Config.gif and there:

enter the name of the link in the FixedText English field and, in the Link Target field: "/Wizard/[NUMBER]"

of, if no link target is provided, enter the entire link with HTML into the Original Content FixedText English field:

<a href="https://employeeapp-[KUNDENID][NUMMER]">Evaluation and Superior Approval</a>

Look beforehand to see the ID of the assistant you want.

Tips from consultants

Info.gif? To start creating a new assistant, log into umantis twice; once as an admin in order to create the assistant, and once as a user to view the pages in question and to be able to copy the URLs without switching site. In this way you will also avoid including pages and views which are not accessible to non-administrators.

Pre-select multiple action

In assistants, you can pre-select the action to be executed in overviews. To do so, you need to find out the 'value' of the multiple selection you want in the HTML code. Then enter this as the parameter "MultiActionPreSelection" in the assistant step.

For example, with the following link in the employees overview all the employees are selected and the action "Send email(s) from template" is pre-selected: /Employment/Current?searchLink=1&fas44001=1&checked44001=1&MultiActionPreSelection=PositionsList_Contact_SendEmail


Extracts from web seminars about assistants