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The view of an individual job includes an Assessment tab. Here, you can create assessment questions, or copy existing ones from the question catalog. Please note that the "Assessment" tab only appears in given application documents if assessment questions have been entered for the corresponding job.

Specifying questions for the job

On the Assessment tab, you can create questions and answers, including point weighting, order, and typing. Alternatively, you can search for questions in a catalog of previously used assessment questions, and simply copy them over.

Inviting and assigning assessors

In the assessment overview for an applicant, you can now enter any person or people who should evaluate the applicant in a personal interview. The assessors are invited by email, and receive login data with their invitation.

Entering answers in umantis

During or after the assessment, the questions are answered by assessors in a view designed specifically for that purpose. The available answer options can be complemented with an optional comment. At the end of the process, an overall assessment can also be provided.

Assessment questions can also be answered by the responsible HR staff themselves in the HR cockpit. These answers are displayed in the overview, together with the other assessor answers, provided that this setting has been configured by the administrator (through use of the Show/Hide function). For hiring managers, a view is available in which answers for the assessment are displayed in overview form.

Analysis of results

Within the application, alongside the overall assessment, the number of points achieved and the comment, all the individual answers are displayed in both a table and a diagram. An analysis of each applicant with the average number of points is generated right away.


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