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First, note that an overview of all applications for all jobs is available through the Applications link in the home navigation bar. Second, applications for each job are listed under the Applicant overview tab. Both overviews allow you to execute most of the same actions, listed below.

In the right-hand column of the overview, you can see whether the application is active or archived (Notok.gif archived), provided that you have not searched for active applications only. On the left-hand side under "My default search", each user can choose which of the available search filters should be active when the application overview page is first accessed. The interactive search is also available as a link under the Actions in the overview of applications for a job.

Clicking on an application will take you to the application documents for that applicant.

Application types: How does an application get into umantis Applicant Management?

An application can make its way into umantis Applicant Management in four different ways:

  • By mail (application by letter)
  • By email
  • Online
  • Recruiter

Application by letter

To efficiently process applications by letter and enter them into umantis, the best way to proceed is as follows:

In the "Applicant Management" module, click on “Jobs”. You will now see a table view with all jobs created to date. Use the search function to search for the job you want, and click on its title to get to the detailed view for that job. You are now in the "Description" tab for the selected job. Under the "Actions" header on the left side, you will see a link to "Create applications for this job". Click on this, and a new view will open.

Enter the applicant's information. It is important to enter an email address. At the bottom of the view, you can attach documents (résumé, reference letters etc.). Finally, click Save.

The application is now entered in the system and can be clicked on in the "Applicant overview" tab in the detailed view for the job.

Email application

As with an application by letter, you must first create an application for the job in question. You then have the option to import your email into umantis using the Outlook plugin. Imported emails are assigned directly to the user (in the Communication area) by using the applicant's email address. If the email cannot be assigned, it is displayed under “Communication” — “Unassigned emails & letters”.

When you open an imported email, various options for further processing are displayed in the "Actions" section at the left. For example, you can click on the link Assign new targeted application to job from the unassigned email to create a new application for a job.

Online application

Applicants can apply for a job online in umantis Applicant Management by clicking on the desired job posting, then clicking on the link labeled "I am interested and would like to apply" under "Actions" at the bottom of the job description. They can now enter their application and attach documents. After creating the application and answering any job-specific questions that may be asked, applicants will receive an automatic confirmation by email. They can modify their information and documents at any time, and apply for other jobs.

Or, they can create an unsolicited application. This means that they are not applying for a specific advertised job, but to this company in general. The unsolicited application link can be activated separately for each branch office.

If an applicant would like to apply for more than one job, the documents from the previous application are automatically reused. Either the full application or just the associated documents can thus be individually deleted without affecting other applications (for data protection purposes).

After people have been applying to your advertised job for a certain period of time, the participating HR experts and hiring managers, as well as anyone else involved in the process, can make a selection based on the documents received.


Recruiters are external service providers who work with HR experts. They submit potential applicants for a vacancy to the HR experts. They have a dedicated access to umantis Applicant Management, and can view the published jobs and create applications for them.

Incomplete applications

The status "Application incomplete" is automatically set if the applicant quits (or closes their browser/tab) after the first form (entry of personal information), before clicking on "Submit final application". This status is also set briefly upon successful registration. Applications with the status "Application incomplete" are not immediately displayed in the Recruiter view. The applicant has a certain amount of time to view and edit their incomplete application in their cockpit. Only that night are incomplete applications then shown to the responsible HR department as incomplete. After this point, the applicant can no longer edit this application. Email notifications for various possible applicant statuses can be turned on and off in the main settings for the given user under “Email notifications”, and their content can be specifically customized under “System emails” in the main settings.

Forwarding applications

So that all participants can assess or view applications, you can forward applications as desired. Check the box next to the applications that you would like to forward, and choose one of the following commands at the bottom of the table:

Movie.gif Excerpt from webinar on forwarding applications (7 min)

Applicant preselection

If a person has applied for a job online, this is displayed on the home page ("New applications" link). You can view the application and send an email to the applicant, thanking them for their application and asking for their patience (bearing in mind that the applicant will also have received an automatic email). You can do this by clicking on the "New applications" link on the home page, then checking the box next to the name of the person to whom you wish to send the email. At the bottom of the table, select the command "Change status" and "Send email from template", then click on "Apply". You can now assign a new status to the selected person. After saving the status change, select the appropriate template and click on "Create". You will now see the created email and can modify it however you like. Click “Send” to deliver the email to the applicant.

If you discover that documents are missing for a given applicant, you can also inform them of this in an email or by phone. Once the applicant has logged in to the system and made additional changes to their applicant profile, they will then receive a message and a link asking them to submit a brief description of their changes in a short form. You will then be informed by email (if this option is activated in your profile) of the changes made by the applicant. In addition, this application will be marked with an exclamation point (!) to indicate that it has been updated. A search link on the home page makes it easier to find updated applicant profiles.
Info.gif Note: This system email will be sent to the responsible HR expert and to their alternate(s), if this option is activated in their respective profiles.

If you find that an application is inadequate, or that the applicant is not suited for this job, you can generate a message declining the person's application by following the above example and setting the application status (e.g. to "Decline") and send an email from a template. You can archive declined applications so that you will no longer see them in the course of your everyday work. Another possibility is to prioritize applications based on answers to pre-defined questions.

Assessing the application

People who receive a request by email to assess an application can click on the link they receive in order to enter their assessment. After everyone who is permitted to evaluate applications to a particular job has examined and compared the applicants' documents, an evaluation can be created. This evaluation is typed in and saved.

All evaluations can now be viewed and compared in the "Applicant overview" tab for the job or the applications. The column labeled "HR assessment" shows the evaluation of the responsible HR expert. The column labeled "Feedback" shows the evaluation of hiring managers, hiring team members and people with no login data.

In the "Hiring manager assessment" column, you can choose to display applications for which no assessment has been sent back yet since you sent them to the hiring manager. To display this overview, check the box for "Open applications" in the search bar at the left, and click on “Search”.

Further communication with applicant

All communication with the applicant (for other applications too) can be found under "Further communication with applicant" in the communication overview for the application.

Note: Managers and HR experts will only see communications that relate to applications to which they have access.

Info.gif See also Communication history

Search parameters

  • ?tracking_id=[ID]
Example: ?tracking_id=abc123
  • ?srcID=[ID]
Example: ?srcID=123
  • ?srcText=[TEXT]
Example: ?srcText=abc

Tips and tricks

Info.gif Notes:


Multiple actions

Info.gif The multiple actions available in the overview of all applications are listed below. Multiple actions available in the applicant overview for a specific job are listed further down.





Communication with recruiter



  • Show selection in diagram 1 (max. 4000)
  • Show selection in diagram 2 (max. 4000)
  • Delete documents (max. 15)
  • Delete documents (15+)
  • Delete application(s) (max. 15)
  • Delete application(s) (15+)

Applicant overview for a job

In the "Applicant overview" tab (/Recruiting/Vacancies/[ID]/Selection), you get a tabular overview of all applications for this job. You can also execute various multiple actions there.

  • Applications
> Search by

You can then use (or display) various filters to search for specific applications, e.g.:

  • Application status
  • Application type
  • User language
  • Anonymized applications only


Info.gif After selecting all your search filters, click on "Search" to see the search results.

  • My default search
Click on this link to define your default search.
  • Application type — History
e.g.: Integrated Dashboard 57
  • Distribution of application statuses
e.g.: Integrated Dashboard 54
  • How applicants heard about the job
e.g.: Integrated Dashboard 52

Multiple actions in the applicant overview for a job

Info.gif If certain multiple actions are not displayed, please check whether they may have been hidden.

Info.gif Executing this multiple action can simultaneously set a new application status.
  • Compare applicants with job (max. of 5 recommended)
  • Communication with recruiter
  • Send email to recruiter and optionally change status
  • Create letter(s) to recruiter and optionally change status
  • Send email(s) to recruiter
  • Create letter(s) to recruiter
  • Release to committees
  • Withdraw access from committees
  • Excel export of applicant overview
  • Use checklist template
  • Activate application(s)
  • Archive application(s)
  • Anonymize application(s)
  • Delete document(s) (max. 15)
  • Delete document(s) (15+)
  • Delete application(s) (max. 15)
  • Delete application(s) (15+)
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