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The home page provides links and information that will help you with your day-to-day work.

Info.gif Note: Because this page can be extensively customized for each customer, the information displayed may vary. In addition, which information is visible depends on the specific user role. For example, HR experts will see different information than hiring managers. With user-defined links, you can display your processes, link them to wizards, and more.

Search links

Search links are special links that perform a search in the background and display the results in the appropriate overview. These links are often followed by a number in parentheses, indicating the number of search results. If this number is greater than' 0', this usually means that an action is required, e.g. assessing applications.

Overview of search links

  • My overdue open reminders


  • Pending decision on data release (number)
  • Data release consent retroactively withdrawn in the past 7 days (number)
Attention.gif Note: Whether this information is displayed depends on whether or not the data release section is activated in the (branch office-specific) application form for the user’s assigned branch office.

  • Upcoming appointments for my jobs
  • All upcoming appointments
  • Appointment confirmations in the past 7 days
  • Appointment cancellations in the past 7 days
  • My pending decisions
  • Job requisitions
  • All my active jobs
  • New applications
  • in “Waiting list” status
  • New applications
  • New assessments
  • New unsolicited applications
  • Messages
  • Applications with failed automatic emails
  • Applicant profiles to be deleted
  • Edit new application
  • Create and publish new job
  • Applications older than 6 months
  • Applicant profiles to be deleted
  • Update information
  • Information on updates to your umantis solution

Info.gifPlease note that the above list is not exhaustive, and that what information you see depends on your user role,

Updated applications (“x”)

This search link shows the number of applications that have been updated by the applicant and in which the changes have not yet been viewed by the responsible HR expert. This means that this search link becomes active when an applicant updates an application (e.g. by uploading an additional document) and explicitly approves the notification for that change.

Attention.gif Note:
The number of updated applications includes only the applications for which the HR expert is actually responsible. It is also important to note that messages to the responsible HR expert only work if:

  • the job is active
  • the application is active
  • the job has not been withdrawn
  • the job is of type “Vacancy”
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