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Activate for line manager area (and send email)

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Release for hiring manager view

With the actions “Release for hiring manager view” and “Release for hiring manager view and send email”, the relevant applications are explicitly released for the hiring manager view (SelfServiceLine). That is, hiring managers who have umantis login data and have been assigned to this job can then view and evaluate this application. The same is true for all assigned alternate hiring managers. All of them can either edit the hiring manager’s main assessment, or else enter an additional assessment.

At the same time as you release the application, you can also send the hiring managers an email and inform them of the new application. This is especially useful if hiring managers do not log in to umantis regularly. The email is also sent to all alternate hiring managers in CC.

Info.gif You can also release an application to the manager from the Manager assessment tab in the application documents.

Important note
  • An email is sent to the responsible hiring manager, with the alternate hiring manager in CC, when the action is executed in the applicant overview for a job or in the global overview of all applications.
  • If the action is executed from the job-specific applicant overview, the manager (and alternate manager) is notified with exactly one email — even if multiple applicants were selected. However, if the same action is executed from the global applicant overview, then a separate email is sent for each applicant, even if multiple applicants are assigned to the same job.
  • If an application is released to the hiring manager from the Manager assessment tab, no email is triggered and the application’s status is not changed.
  • Note also that the email is only sent to the alternate hiring manager if you have not entered a redirection address. Especially in the introductory phase, most customers have entered a redirection address to avoid accidentally sending out emails that are generated during the setup phase. In order to test the desired action with CC copies to the alternate manager, you must first remove the redirection address.
  • For unsolicited applications and applications for a job with no hiring manager assigned, the application status is not changed, and no emails are sent.
  • Corresponding actions are available as multiple actions in the Application overview. There, you can also see at any time which applications have already been released.
  • If you send the email from the applicant overview for a job, only one mail will be generated. The hiring manager sees in their cockpit that they have multiple applications to assess. If the email is generated from the global overview of all applications, the hiring manager will receive one mail for each application that had a checkmark.

Remove from hiring manager view

With the action “Remove from hiring manager view”, the selected applications are explicitly taken back out of the hiring manager view.

  • Once an application has been archived (historized), it is no longer displayed in the manager view.
  • Whether an application is no longer displayed in the manager view does not depend on its application status. In other words, regardless of whether an application has the status Declined or Hired, for example, the corresponding application will still be displayed in the manager view as long as it has not been historized or explicitly removed from the manager view.

Info.gif Please note: It is considered valid behavior for committee members (as opposed to hiring managers) to still be able to view archived applicants. This is desirable in a number of different situations, e.g. for equal opportunity officers or works councils. To withdraw access for committees, please use the Withdraw access for committees function.

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