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A fundamental principle of accessibility is software that is designed to adapt flexibly to the individual user’s needs. In particular, accessible software ensures that users with disabilities have unrestricted access to all important functions of the software. As part of the continuous improvements being made to functionality within the umantis Applicant Management and Employee Management solutions, adjustments are also constantly being made with regard to accessibility.

For example, the following improvements have been added to umantis Applicant Management and Employee Management:

  • A first set of diagrams have been redesigned for use with screen readers.
  • The language in use on the requested page is initialized so that screen readers can read the text in the displayed language.
  • Images are no longer used as navigation elements. Their URLs are therefore no longer read out by screen readers.
  • Elements can be reached by using the keyboard, even without a mouse. One aspect of this configuration is that an access key (= the “m” character) can now be used to select multiple actions in the overview. A detailed explanation of how access keys are controlled in different browsers can be found here.

In addition, the following modifications have been made in umantis Applicant Management:

  • The date/time picker has been redesigned to provide support in entering times as well, thereby contributing to increased accessibility.
  • In order to facilitate the creation of accessible publication and print designs for events, a new example template has been added in the online help. We have taken an .htm file and revised it in accordance with accessibility criteria.
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