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Access as an external person

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External individuals have their own separate access, in which they will find their own person profile as well as an overview of their events, their surveys, all advertised events and public surveys, and all public groups.

Home page

Once the user has successfully logged in, the first thing they will see is their home page. From here, external individuals can navigate to their own profile, surveys or events through the containers displayed on the home page. Other tabs are listed below.

My Profile

External individuals can enter information about themselves here. This information is divided into five additional tabs:

Master data

This section contains the master data for the external individual, e.g.:

Personal information


Data release
O Yes, I agree that my data may be saved even after the end of my specific participation, and that I may be informed of other interesting offers.
O No, I want my data to be deleted after my current participations are completed.
Attention.gif Please note that external individuals can change their data release consent settings at any time. This option is provided to help protect personally-identifiable data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Privacy policy statement

> Link to privacy policy statement


Information about professional experience, education, studies, additional training, languages and/or interests and hobbies can be entered here.


Information about competencies can be entered here.


Documents can be placed here.


Here, an external individual can set their user language and view or modify their login data.

My events

External individuals can see an overview of all their events here. They can also see which events they are on the waiting list for, and for which ones they have canceled their registration.

Seminar offers / Event offers

Here, external individuals see an overview of all public events, including certain details about the events, such as the event period or the name of the instructor.


In this section, external individuals see an overview of all the surveys that have been released for their use.


In this section, external individuals can register for groups, find the profiles of other group members, and share posts and news with the group.

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Other entry points

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